A Letter To Congress: Four Principles For A Safe Economic Reopening

On Monday, a bipartisan group of public health leaders laid out four principles for the safe reopening of the US economy in a letter to Congress. In it, they argued that the key to reopening our economy would be to test, trace and self-isolate and they asked for an additional $46 billion in congressional funding for implementation. 

They introduced the four point proposal by emphasizing that central to reopening is the universal availability of rapid, accurate tests to identify those who are infected and those who are potential sources of contagion. Testing at this scale will require an adequate supply of new, high speed, accurate tests and their approval by the Food and Drug Administration. The letter does not address actions by Congress or the Administration needed to create this necessary capacity.

Once the testing capacity is in place, the bipartisan group recommended four additional steps:

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Originally published on Forbes (April 29, 2020)

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