A New Killer On The Loose: B.1.621

A group of seven residents in a Belgian nursing home died after infection with a new variant, all of whom were fully vaccinated according to virologists on the scene. Though the vaccine used in these residents was not made public, it was likely either AstraZeneca or an mRNA vaccine such as Pfizer and Moderna, among those most frequently used in the country.

The new variant, B.1.621, has yet to receive a greek letter designation from the World Health Organization. The variant already accounts for around 2% of coronavirus infections in the United States, and as much as 10% in Miami, according to Carlos Migoya, CEO of Jackson Health System. The variant can be traced back to identification in samples from Colombia in March 2021 and according to the GISAID coronavirus database, the variant has been identified in as many as 28 countries, but potentially more.

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