Advice from an expert: What parents need to know about Covid-19

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Whether you live in a “red zone” or a “green zone,” Covid-19 remains a very real threat across the U.S. Assessing what’s safe and what’s not for your family depends on a range of factors that are confusing and leave us asking more questions. To get clarity and context on the risks of Covid-19, we’re with William Haseltine, a renowned scientist and infectious disease expert known for his groundbreaking work on cancer, HIV/AIDS, and the human genome. A former professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, he is now President and Chair of ACCESS Health International. Professor Haseltine shares information from his two new “living” ebooks, “A Family Guide to Covid” and “A Covid Back to School Guide.” He presents the facts and gives an unbiased, realistic explanation about the dangers of this virus – and answers questions honestly about what we should do to keep our kids and families safe.

 Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How to assess your “hierarchy of risk” when deciding what’s best for your family’s health and safety
  • The importance of monitoring Covid-19 infection data in our local communities like we do the weather
  • Factors that increase the risk of infection, including age and underlying health conditions like obesity, cancer, asthma, cardiovascular disease, and pregnancy
  • The risk of children age 18 and under contracting and spreading Covid-19
  • Is going to school safe? What about hybrid learning models?
  • What parents should ask school administrators regarding precautions they’re taking to keep children safe
  • What we can learn from countries that have successfully mitigated the spread of the virus

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