Congress and the states must fix Trump's COVID-19 mistakes

We face a crossroads today, with the pandemic growing significantly worse but hope for an end to the suffering – through a vaccine or the forceful action of a new president –higher than ever. But the reality is that the President-elect Biden will be able to do little until early next year, and a vaccine, even if approved today, would not be widely available until late spring or summer of 2021.

At current rates, at least 100,000 more Americans will be dead by Inauguration Day. By the time a vaccine is available to the public-at-large, several hundred thousand lives will also be lost. We need action now to solve our crisis: universal mask mandates, social gathering limits, restaurant and bar closures, travel restrictions, increased testing and isolation. To date, the executive branch has neglected to use the full power of the federal government to implement these policies. In its absence, Congress and the states must do the work instead and pass COVID-19 prevention policies to act as a bridge between now and the time a vaccine or more decisive federal leadership arrives. 

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