Covid-19 Reinfections Are Real And Serious—All The More Reason To Be Vaccinated

Emerging news from Brazil on Covid-19 reinfection is a potential warning for all of us on the danger SARS-CoV-2 variants pose, both to those who have already been infected and, very likely, to those who have been vaccinated. This new data on the antibody-resistant Brazilian variant (P.1) can begin to shed light on a number of questions people may have. Can you get reinfected if you had a past infection and if you are reinfected, will you get sick?

Lead researchers on the Brazilian strain, including Dr. Nuno Faria of the Imperial College of London, first released their discovery and analysis of the variant on January 12th, 2021. The sample arose in Brazil in December 2020 but rocketed to 87% of samples by early January and over 99% of samples by February. 

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