Depression And Anxiety Double In Youth Compared To Pre-Pandemic

At the beginning of the pandemic, the CDC advised that children and adolescents were considered the  from Covid-19. As the pandemic rages on, we are seeing a and and we are witnessing a global syndemic of mental health issues in young people.

I have written about the pandemic’s profound  in the past but a new  from the University of Calgary, showing that depression and anxiety symptoms have doubled in children and adolescents globally when compared to pre-pandemic times is more than cause to raise the alarm again. This study is further evidence that many different demographics will suffer from Covid-19 related post-traumatic stress disorder ().

The University of Calgary study is a meta-analysis, which pools together data from 29 separate studies from around the world, including 80,879 youth globally. The meta-analysis includes 16 studies from East Asia, four from Europe, six from North America, two from Central and South America, and one from the Middle East. Prior to the pandemic, rates of clinically significant generalized anxiety and depressive symptoms in large youth cohorts were approximately  and The meta-analysis found that the pooled estimates of clinically elevated child and adolescent depression and anxiety were 25.2% and 20.5%, respectively, suggesting that both had likely doubled.

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Originally published on Forbes on August 25, 2021  

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