Deregulating Covid-19 Treatment Sets Dangerous Precedent for Vaccine Approval

The current Administration in Washington is gambling on deregulation of the Food and Drug Administration. Regulations on Covid-19 testing meant to keep Americans safe are weakened by the Administration in a recent executive order. This change could result in unreliable tests being released, which only adds to the testing woes present in the United States. Unverified tests and fast-tracked treatments could lead to more, not less, spreading of the disease.

The FDA expedited the approval of a Covid-19 treatment—convalescent plasma—against the advice of its internal experts and those at the National Institute of Health. Were the federal government to continue this theme, one could expect the approval of an underregulated Covid-19 vaccine in the coming months, regardless of definitive proof, safety, or efficacy, something both the governments of China and Russia appear to have done.

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