Do Not Ignore Covid-19 Safety This Thanksgiving

After months of isolation and quarantine, many hoped that Covid-19 would be under control by the holiday season so families could reunite. As Thanksgiving approaches, that hope feels like a distant memory as daily cases reach record highs in the United States. Caution must hold precedence over anything else as families question whether to gather in the coming weeks. We must set aside traditions for everyone’s safety. November of 2019 may seem like a lifetime ago, but examining the traditional thanksgiving dinner of yesteryear exposes the dangers such an event could hold in a pandemic. Events may range from ten to twenty or more family members. Caution lights should already be going off in your head. Avoiding large gatherings is one of the keys to fighting against the viral spread. Gathering a couple dozen family members in a single location exacerbates the danger of contraction for all in attendance. Read the full article on Forbes.
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