A Health Information System That Puts People First

Healthcare providers that prioritize cost control over innovative care do their patients—and the people that work for them—a serious disservice. Investing in technology that augments patient centered solutions not only turns a profit, but more importantly gives struggling health systems the data, tools, and collective understanding needed to improve human health.

That is precisely what happened at NYU Langone Health, where a comprehensive, real time information system fuels a robust culture of accountability. By inspiring staff to reexamine how and why they work, the system helps the academic medical center drive down costs, elevate safety and quality standards, and above all achieve better patient outcomes.

Collecting data across an extensive network of hospitals, outpatient centers, and other healthcare facilities, the information system allows every aspect of the patient experience at NYU Langone to be measured and monitored with ease. Dynamic management dashboards turn raw data into legible, actionable information, which doctors then turn into appreciable results.

Rare is it that a medical institution succeeds in integrating information technology at the systems level, and the minds behind it at NYU Langone plainly admit to the difficulty of the task. Interviewing them for my book World Class gave me some valuable insight into the methods that keep such a complex structure from descending into madness.

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Originally Published on Forbes (October 21, 2019)

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