Kushner Comments Suggest Covid-19 Decisions Are Politically Motivated

At the start of the summer, the federal government released guidelines to reopen the US economy, then left it to the states to figure out how the job would be done. The poorly organized reopening eventually resulted in a surge of new infections and thousands of Covid-19 related deaths.  While there is a constitutional argument that public health is a state responsibility, recently released audio of Jared Kushner suggests deferring action on reopening to the governors was a political calculation — a successful reopening could be credited to the President, but any failure would be blamed on the governors instead.

In an interview with journalist Bob Woodward, Kushner discusses the President’s political strategy regarding reopening. “The president…basically [says] no, no, no, no, I own the opening. Because again, the opening is going to be very popular,” Kushner says. “If it opens in the wrong way, the question will be, did the governors follow the guidelines we set out or not?” 

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