Lancet Study Concludes That Public Health Interventions Reduce Viral Transmission

On October 26th, the seven-day average for positive Covid-19 cases in the US was over seventy thousand—a new record. On October 29th, another record was set when over ninety thousand cases were reported in a single day. We are nowhere near the end of the pandemic. As the federal government banks on vaccine development, millions will be infected in the coming weeks and months. As demonstrated by China and others, public health initiatives like school closures, public event bans, and mask mandates beat Covid-19 swiftly and effectively.

The Lancet’s Infectious Disease Journal released a study confirming China’s strategy. Researchers analyzed 131 countries at 790 different phases of policy implementation. They looked at public initiatives like school and workplace closures, public event bans, bans on gatherings larger than ten, public transportation closures, stay at home requirements, and internal and international movement limits. They monitored the R-value, or the number of secondary cases that a primary case may cause, of these countries. Whether the R-value is above or below one determines if a pandemic is on the rise or decline.

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