Latest Books

Latest Books

My Lifelong Fight Against Disease: From Polio and AIDS to COVID-19

In My Lifelong Fight Against Disease, Dr. Haseltine tells his life story for the first time, highlighting exhilarating moments of medical discovery and facing down devastating public health crises such as COVID-19.

COVID Commentaries: A Chronicle of a Plague 

In this two volume collection, Dr. Haseltine shares his writings, research and interviews on COVID-19. If you’ve purchased a copy, click the Latest Edition button to access the most up to date version of the book.

A COVID Back To School Guide

In his Back To School Guide, Dr. Haseltine walks readers through a simple three step rule of thumb to help families decide whether it makes sense to return to school in person.

A Family Guide To COVID 

In his Family Guide, Dr. Haseltine answers tough questions from parents and children about COVID-19. The book is written especially for those who are faced with the difficult task of protecting themselves and their families..

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