Mapping A Better Life For Older Adults Of New York

Two weeks ago, The New York Academy of Medicine relaunched its data visualization tool IMAGE: NYC, otherwise known as the Interactive Map of Aging.

Created in partnership with the Center for Urban Research at CUNY, the open source, data driven map helps users navigate local resources and services—specifically, those of value to the million plus older adults living in New York City—in the context of broader demographic patterns and trends, which include everything from household income and employment status to place of birth and specific disabilities.

Rare is it that a map featuring around 150 demographic overlays has zoom functionality strong enough to swoop down to the street level. That’s what makes IMAGE: NYC so unique: the ability to survey the cityscape from up above and down below. Users can locate community health centers, public transportation options, and other supports available to older residents in a particular neighborhood, while at the same time learning about the structural challenges that complicate matters of access.

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Originally published on Forbes (February 28, 2020)

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