Modified CDC Guidelines Grant Covid-19 Patients Discretion To Leave Quarantine Early

In recent days, the CDC modified its quarantine guidelines such that infected individuals do not necessarily need to follow them. They still officially recommend fourteen days for Covid-19 isolation before returning to society, but quarantines may be reduced to only seven or ten days at the infected individual’s preference in certain cases. This change is a confusing approach to quarantine policy as the pandemic grows worse. Rather than affirmatively changing quarantine guidance, the CDC left quarantine decisions to the isolated individual’s preference, which will lead to unnecessary transmission and a longer pandemic.

Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are peaking in the United States. Now would be the time to bolster public health standards to counter these trends, but instead, the CDC insists on softening measures meant to keep us safe. While the official CDC recommendation is fourteen days, the guidelines now state that quarantine can end after ten days if no symptoms exhibit throughout. Additionally, quarantine can end after day seven if the patient showed no symptoms and tested negative. Allowing individual discretion enables people to exit quarantine while still contagious.

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