New CDC Guidelines Decrease Testing For Those Who Need It Most

The Center for Disease Control updated its Covid-19 testing guidelines to exclude those exposed to the virus who are asymptomatic. This is a sudden change of direction as the previous rendition encouraged everyone who came in contact with an infected person to seek testing. The revised guidelines are put in place as students return to school and businesses continue to reopen. Reduced testing puts these populations at risk as asymptomatic carriers are thought to be the most contagious spreaders of Covid-19.

It is unclear who made the final decision on the revisions as Brett P. Giroir, assistant Health and Human Services secretary and member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, noted that the decision came after debate amongst the task force. Ultimately, Giroir claims the guideline revision was a “CDC action” and that the decision was made before it had even come across the President’s desk. CDC Director Robert Redfield was skeptical of the new guidelines, but seems to have yielded to the direction of Giroir.

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