New Study Offers More Evidence That Immunity To Covid-19 Fades Quickly

More evidence has emerged that immunity to Covid-19 is quick to fade—in people of all ages, but more so for the old than the young.

A recently published British study, currently undergoing peer review, found that the prevalence of Covid-19 antibodies across England has dropped more than 26 percent in three months. The results come from 365,000 home tests that were sent to participants in three rounds, distributed randomly each time.

Antibody testing, which measures the proteins your body produces to ward off a specific pathogen rather than live virus, has been used throughout the pandemic to pick up on infections that standard PCR tests miss. This is especially useful in detecting so-called silent spreaders—the asymptomatic carriers who don’t get tested because they don’t get sick, but may cause as many as 80 percent of infections.

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Originally published on Forbes (October 28, 2020)

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