Paused AstraZeneca Trials Emphasize Need For Vaccine Transparency

Astrazeneca, and all the other companies under Food and Drug Administration purview, are developing vaccines for Covid-19. In the midst of current trials across the globe, they paused operation when a participant in the United Kingdom developed symptoms of a spinal inflammatory disease. While this pause is an encouraging sign of ethical standards being upheld, why is there not more transparency in these trials and in vaccine approval in general? 

Details for the hold on trials by AstraZeneca have not been fully disclosed and internal discussions are not publicized. It is encouraging to see that they paused trials for the safety of a patient, yet the lack of transparency by the drug company is cause for caution. This vaccine is meant to save lives and return the world to normalcy, but the public is not allowed to know about the daily advancements of the drug? People ought to know more about the safety event in question. 

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