A Road Map For Transformation: The NYU Langone Story

A year ago, NYU Langone Health captured the attention of the world with the surprise announcement that all their medical school students would receive full tuition scholarships. That announcement was only the latest in a series of stunning moves by the New York medical center that has transformed from a faded, money losing institution into a world class academic medical center.

Over the course of a decade, NYU Langone went from an unprofitable, poorly ranked medical institution to a global leader in patient care, education, and research, while generating a substantial surplus. The story of NYU Langone Health offers lessons for enterprise transformation that transcend healthcare. If you are in a retail business, the story will help you improve customer service and satisfaction. If you are in manufacturing, the NYU story will help achieve zero fault. If you are in the service business, the NYU Langone approach to information systems and dashboards will help you improve performance and accountability. If you are a university, this story will help you achieve excellence in teaching and improve your rankings.

Embedded within the NYU Langone story is what I call “levers of change.” These are the levers that were used to pry the organization from its past behaviors and put it on the path to a productive future. Before describing those critical levers of change, it’s important to understand the magnitude of the transformation of NYU Langone.

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Originally Published on Forbes (August 13, 2019)

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