The Chance To Change The World

Science had been the domain of aristocrats and their progeny (cases in point: Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton) since the dawn of the Age of Reason. To study science for most of humanity’s intellectual existence, you were likely wealthy and likely male. For too long, science was dominated by the rich and powerful, but that time has come to an end. Science is now more is diverse than ever before open to all, women and men alike no matter what your origin

In the past half-century, science has become an appealing path for upward mobility, a way for participating in the highest levels of society. While engaging in science still requires many years of education and patience, the amount of people earning undergraduate and graduate degrees is at an all-time high. Interest in STEM career paths is blossoming as more and more discover the wonder and ingenuity of these fields.

Laboratories now are populated mainly by people from all economic strata. Science and medicine are an open road to advancement. Science belongs to the people, and many people were shut out of the scientific community for too long.

As your achievements accumulate, science offers the opportunity for well-paying jobs and to start your own businesses… A scientific breakthrough can change the world, but it can also change your world.

Science belongs to the people, and everyone should have the opportunity to pursue it if they are interested and show promise. How many millions of bright young minds were shut out of the scientific process in previous centuries? How many millions of brilliant young minds may contribute to global progress in the years to come? Everyone deserves the chance to change the world.

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