The Science-Business Partnership

There is a stark contrast between the scientific and business worlds. In business, there is no real degree-granting barrier. That does not mean that they are not as smart as you. Often because there is no certificate needed they are more experienced, creative, and in fact smarter, especially at what affects the bottom line. You may find yourself sitting across the table from one a real business genius. You will be outclassed. The battle-hardened experience that comes with decades in the business world is overwhelming to any newcomer.

All one has to fall back on is something unassailable, your knowledge and your reputation. If you have been successful in the past, you are more likely to get financial and intellectual backing, but if your reputation is riddled with failure, you may have trouble.

In science, comradery and teaching are at the forefront. Rather than shunning one for their past mistakes, science offers the ability to learn from a misstep. If your hypothesis or theory fails, you can persevere and prevail. Failure is an intrinsic part of the process. In business, the price of failure is high.

Few national powers rival knowledge-business partnership which the United States wields. The US has powerful institutions to generate knowledge (universities), and an equally powerful set of business and financial institutions to turn that knowledge into practical applications to improve the human condition. Some countries may have one or the other, but rarely both to the degree of the United States. This is still the best place in the world to create new science-based businesses.

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