The US must develop a national vaccine registry

Vaccine distribution in the United States to this point has been inefficient and ineffective. The incoming Biden administration offers hope that efforts can be turned around, but the concrete strategies to accomplish the turn-around are yet to be detailed. To simplify vaccine data systems, I propose a national vaccine registry that tracks vaccination records across the country. What would a national vaccine registry look like, and how would such a system help public health officials with their vaccine efforts? The most straightforward aspect of the national vaccine registry would be managing records for who has received the vaccine and who has not. If the U.S. government anticipates vaccinating all 300 million-plus Americans, there must be a standardized system to keep tabs on who has received their shots. A method for tracking vaccines nationwide exists in Operation Warp Speed’s Tiberius, but the path for data to reach this system is fragmented. Read the full article in The Hill.
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