Third Generation Covid-19 Variant Described In The Philippines

A new SARS-CoV-2 variant has emerged once again, this time in the Philippines. The new variant bears a resemblance to the recently discovered Japanese variant (B.1.1.248) and the infamous Brazilian variant (P.1), known for its dangerous immune-escape capabilities. B.1.1.248 and the Philippine Variant (P.3) seem to be second and third-generation descendants of P.1. Here, we will detail the similarities that P.3 shares with its virological ancestors and other variants, as well as the unique mutations added to the genome.

First discovered in the Central Visayas region, researchers analyzed 33 samples from the University of the Philippines collected from late January to early February 2021. Their genome sequencing efforts and following report denote 13 lineage-defining mutations, which likely have serious biological significance. Among these mutations are several shared by B.1.1.248 and P.1. These variants could be a blueprint for the biological implications of the P.3 mutations.

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