Urban Flight Due To Covid-19 Is Temporary, Not Permanent

As Covid-19 ravages the United States, it seems some may have had enough of densely populated cities, electing to move to the open-space haven of suburbia. Covid-19 is forcing people to question whether they want to live near millions of others. Reports of widespread urban flight must be examined and analyzed. Is the pandemic causing people to leave urban environments for suburbia permanently, or is this a temporary solution to immediate health concerns many share?

On its face, it does seem many Americans are choosing to leave cities in 2020. According to a paper out of the NYU Stern School of Business, as many as 15-20% of Manhattan residents had left the city by mid-summer 2020. Positive Covid-19 cases in New York peaked in mid-April but were brought under control by stringent lockdown regulations. These lockdowns may have encouraged some city-dwellers to find shelter elsewhere. 

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