White House Continues To Choose Political Gain Over Public Health

The White House has made the decision to block a new slate of guidelines for Covid-19 vaccines, halting the latest attempt by the Food and Drug Administration to introduce some measure of regulatory rigor to a race that has escalated into a desperate rush to the finish line.

In addition doubling down on safety and quality control, the guidance was drafted with the intention of assuring an increasingly wary public that all vaccine candidates will be held to the same standards. But it appears that the priorities of the current administration lay elsewhere.

According to Politico, it was primarily “private-sector opposition,” rather than anything of concern to the average American, that led the White House to take issue with the FDA guidance. This alone should give us pause. Of course pharmaceutical companies will oppose that which interferes with their ability to make money and push product. To curb their avarice is why regulatory agencies exist in the first place.

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Originally published on Forbes (October 6, 2020)

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