Will Memorial Day 2020 be remembered as the holiday when COVID-19 got the upper hand?

We may have the reason to remember Memorial Day 2020 as the holiday when COVID-19 exploded. Looking around the country over the weekend, there was little evidence that people were making the sacrifices needed to save their own lives and those of their friends and family.

In preparation for a TV interview on Monday afternoon, I compared Sunday’s COVID case reports with those of a month ago. The numbers tell an interesting — and worrying — tale.

First the good news: On March 30, New Jersey reported 3,250 new cases of COVID-19 to New York’s 9,000. No one who lives in Manhattan, as I do, will forget that day of constant sirens. On Saturday, two months later, the number of new cases in New Jersey was 1,050, down about 60% In New York, 1,772 new cases were reported on Saturday, down about 80% from March 30.

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Originally published on Los Angeles Times (May 26, 2020)

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