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With variants spreading rapidly across the globe, we are entering a new stage of the pandemic and should proceed with caution to save lives. The U.K. B.1.1.7 and South African B.1.351 variants have demonstrated increased transmissibility and shown evidence … read more
The United States is spiraling. Seven-day averages for positive Covid-19 cases have pushed beyond 150,000 per day, having risen sharply after the Thanksgiving holiday and expected to rise again after end of year celebrations. While many wait on distribution of a vaccine, thousands are dying each day — unnecessary … read more
In a prior column for Forbes, I detailed how the rapid spread of variants across Europe should serve as a warning for the US. I explained how data from the UK, Denmark, Belgium and Switzerland collectively demonstrate that the UK B.1.1.7 variant predictably overtakes previously dominating strains … read more
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